Links – Home to the perceptive reviews and eclectic blog of much-loved, Pulitzer Prize winning film critic Roger Ebert

Ebert Presents At The Movies – The great but short-lived revival of At The Movies, hosted by Christy Lemire and Ignaty Vishnevetsky

Observations on film art– Blog of the unbelievably brilliant film theorist and historian David Bordwell – Part-streaming service, part-social networking for cinephiles, Mubi was co-founded by Vishnevetsky and is a wonderful site

Leonard Maltin’s Movie Crazy – Home to the writing of Mr. Maltin, because I can’t knock the creator of the ubiquitous yearly Movie Guide (and source for the endlessly fun Leonard Maltin Game)

The Criterion Collection – Innovators of home video technology and originators of the Special Edition DVD, The Criterion Collection is a beacon for cinephiles and collectors alike

Slant Magazine – Weekly reviews of new releases and DVDs, Slant is a great source for intelligent opinion and great writing

The National Film Board of Canada – The NFB is a Canadian institutiton that has long stood for the promotion of experimental, artful and original Canadian filmmaking in all its forms. Their website provides free streaming of their entire catalogue.

The AV Club – Sister-site to The Onion, The AV Club offers frequent and high quality movie news, reviews, interviews, essays and obsessively specific pop-culture special features.

An Ecstatic Truth – The blog of my close friend, the talented amateur film blogger and essayist Ben Hynes – Home of reviews from Ebert’s At The Movies co-host Richard Roeper, a charming and intelligent film critic.

A.O. Scott – Home of the writing of sometime-great, sometimes-clueless film critic A.O. Scott

Kino Lorber – The folks at Kino provide great transfers of ignored or forgotten early cinema, from the work of Buster Keaton and Fritz Lang to unknown horror and Russian Propaganda


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